written by Alessandro Sanmartin

with Alessandro Sanmartin (voice), Valentina Dal Mas (dance) e Daniele Preto (body art)


It all started with an idea. A strong and vigorous idea. Until we regain possession of the places of culture and make them living bastions of free thought, we will not have headquarters to refer to in order to grow and continue to create the future. It all started with the Rivoli Theatre, a cinema-theatre that had been closed for thirty years, the largest in northern Italy, which is in danger of being turned into a shopping centre. The idea had to become reality. Employing arts in our possession, words, music, movement and colour, we can restore blood and flesh to the abandoned skeletons of our futures. This performance, futuri voli, was born as an ironic, comical, absurd and moving attempt to speak to people and tell a possible story: the advent of a peaceful revolution. The original text alternates ironic moments with critical looks, proposing an individual need that gradually becomes a collective feeling. Light, poetic and non-polemical is this invective towards future generations, a warning to all those who are waiting for something to happen from above. What can be achieved with this performance is a revolution of ideas, which creates a network of relationships and opens up new horizons and new possibilities. With this purpose, futuri voli is to be a performance in phases. Each place that will host it will become the object of discussion and, keeping the memory of the places already encountered, we will proceed to an imaginary colonization of outposts for the revolution, control towers, lucid mirrors on the evolution of our civilization.


“The generation I belong to was born into a world where those with a brain as well as a heart couldn’t find any support."

The Book of Disquiet, F. Pessoa



Photos by Matteo Mascella