Livello 4 APS is a theatre collective founded in Valdagno (Vicenza) in 2010 by Alessandro Sanmartin, Giorgia e Riccardo Peruzzi, with the purpose of contaminated the territory through arts and offering cultural alternatives.

The association pursues three vocations: the theatre company, the organization of cultural events and theatre education in schools and other contexts.

The company debuted with La Cantatrice Calva by E. Ionesco, directed by Alessandro Sanmartin. Then, with W and Don Giovanni, the company’s stylistic research was intensified in the work of staging, play writing, set design, musical composition, integration of photography and video art. In 2011 FuturiVoli was born, also presented at Roma Fringe Festival 2013, and published by Krecò Edizioni in 2014; subsequently, Furioso Mondo (2014) and Fuori di Sesto (2016, Veneto Scenario Award selection) debuted. The company has also created numerous site-specific performances and readings, such as Venere StoNata, Vita Nuova, an electronic reading of Dante, Orlando and La Ballata del Vecchio Marinaio, as well as two black-light theatre productions for children: Sonata dell'Acqua and In-Corporeo (Scenario Award for Childhood selection 2014). In 2020 Livello 4 has the opportunity to develop the performance Loop, within the Opera Prima Festival in Rovigo, and it will have its official debut in 2021. In 2022, it had staged the first rehearsal of its last work, Feed (Biennale College Teatro 2021 Selection, Directors Under 35), at the Teatro Studio of Rovigo and at the Teatro Comunale of Vicenza.

Since 2012 the association has been active in the organization of CRASHTEST FESTIVAL,in collaboration with the Municipality of Valdagno and OperaEstate Festival Veneto; hosting over the years more than forty young theatre and dance companies, as well as experts, critics and artists, with performances, meetings, and workshops for actors, youngsters, and audience.

Livello 4 APS also promotes education activities, believing that theatre and contamination can be fundamental tools for working on identity, group, expression, emotion management, and relationships with others. Since 2010, Livello 4 has held more than 100 workshops at all levels of school and for adults, and has received numerous awards. In collaboration with the Theatre of Grosseto (Tuscany), it participates in the Unicef Theatre Project and the European Erasmus+ Off-Book project. With the Municipality of Valdagno it creates Zoom. Officina per spettatori professionisti, an audience development project.

During the italian lockdown and the difficult time of Covid-19, Livello 4 APS continues its work with students with the online projects Contagio Creativo (a blog) and about:blank (online meetings). The aim is to mend some invisible rips that have been generated by forced isolation, the prohibition of contact, the transformation of language, and also to reconnect, as is the nature of theatre, with the sense of the human, of relationships, of the other and of the self. Writing, images, videos, words, seen from an artistic point of view, allow us to share the beauty and to look inside ourselves for the colours to put into circulation to generate community, solidarity, empathy.