directed by Alessandro Sanmartin

original music Michele Iuso

scenes-lights-video Federico Fracasso

with Valentina Dal Mas, Giorgia Peruzzi, Riccardo Peruzzi, Alessandro Sanmartin

a Livello 4 - TrendEventi 2015 production


Furioso Mondo is a metaphor of our present that has lost its senses. It is a journey by sea, for sailors in a storm. We lose our sight, as in an epidemic. Our world is set adrift, a world of blind people who no longer know how to distinguish good from evil, we are blind without a future, blind without sense. Losing sight today means losing reason. And as Enraged Orlando teaches us, things lost on Earth end up on the Moon. It is there that the wits of those who have lost their wits are restored. So, to go or to stay? A voyage to the moon is the only way to find oneself, the elsewhere that one hopes to fulfil oneself in, the uncertain landing place of a migrant boat, the America of the American dream; the moon is London or Berlin, the place where one seeks a future. Seen from the Moon, the Earth is upside down. New points of view are needed, courage is needed, action is needed! On the Moon, there is the wisdom of our civilization, and it must be brought back to Earth, shared with those who want to rebel against blindness. To leave, yes, but to come back, with the Moon inside, and trying to create, from below, a new world.


"I don't think we did go blind, I think we are blind, Blind but seeing, Blind people who can see, but do not see.”

Blindness, Josè Saramago



Photos by Matteo Mascella