by/with Alessandro Sanmartin

directing assistance Daniele Preto, Valentina Dal Mas, Oscar Zini, Marco Pasquale, Diego Menti, Michele Iuso.

A Livello 4 - 2016 production

I think of the Tramp in Modern Times, when he falls between the gears of the machine. I think of my mum telling me "At your age, it's time to start a family!". I think about everything that makes our time crazy. The goals to reach, the age to be ashamed of, the sudden frenzy and the depressing boredom. How much time do I have left? Are you still in time? In my time... Every sentence that inscribes the word 'time' is as if it were speaking to me, alluding to some failure on my part. Never up to what is required of me. Never really ready, never quite adult enough or smart enough, handsome enough or sporty enough...I have fallen into an eternal questionnaire to be filled in. Afloat, this is how I see myself: a paper boat on a sea without rest; waves that become doubt, paranoia, uncertainty, imprisoning me between what I am and what I would like to become...


"The time is out of joint; O cursed spite!

That ever I was born to set it right!"

Hamlet, W. Shakespeare



Photos by Matteo Mascella