Directed by Giorgia Peruzzi

Assistant director: Diego Menti

Costumes and puppets: Loretta Lovato

with Giovanna Bartolotta, Roberta Bianchetti, Valentina Dal Mas and Alessandro Sanmartin


Sonata dell'acqua Sonata dell'acqua is a performance of Black Light Theatre, a technique that has its roots in the Chinese shadow theatre but that is mainly developed in Prague, in the Czech Republic. A technique that, through special lighting, hides the actors in order to bring out fluorescent objects and costumes, creating a magical atmosphere.
This is the story of a drop of water. It seems to be a calm day in the cloudy sky when suddenly a storm begins to gather. The drop of water wakes up, it is frightened, it feels that it is about to slide down from its beautiful cloud. It tries to hold on but it is no use, it has become too heavy and starts to fall. She falls faster and faster until she lands in a big city; everything is chaotic, everyone is running, umbrellas are everywhere. And so begins her long journey which will take her to meet dogs, butterflies, jumping mice, water monsters, a charming prince, colourful fishes, turtles, conceited shells and on and on, faster and faster, to the open sea. A show that wants to be a small joy for eyes and ears, a magic game in music. There are no words, only a selection of classical music ranging from Chopin to Mozart, via Camille Saint-Saëns and Bach will accompany the young audience on this journey to discover the World.



Photos by Matteo Mascella