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ZOOM. Officina per spettatori professionisti is a project devised by the Valdagno Cultural Policies Department in collaboration with Associazione Culturale Livello 4. The theatre education project is aimed at the young public of Valdagno's high schools and seeks to promote a critical vision among a group of interested students under the expert guidance of theatrical and cultural mediator. The participants have the opportunity to increase knowledge of theatrical languages through the experience of a shared vision, using interactive and participatory methods and offering the possibility of meeting professionals in the live performance business (actors, dancers, performers, directors, technicians, critics, educators). The Zoom project provides for approximately 40 hours of volunteer work-school alternance divided between various activities in the afternoon and evening. It is addressed to all high school students. To the participants is given the opportunity of sharing their thoughts and reflections on the performances they have seen on a blog opened specifically for them.




In 2016 Teatro del Lemming, together with Carichi Sospesi from Padova and Farmacia Zoo:è from Venezia, created the CONNESSIONI project, a network of theatrical spaces in the Veneto region to host artists working in the field of theatrical research. The network, produced, managed and directed by Teatro del Lemming, promotes the circulation of research theatre through a shared planning among the partners.

In 2020 CONNESSIONI connects eight subjects that program theatrical research: Carichi Sospesi (Padova) - Farmacia Zoo:é (Mestre) - Teatro del Lemming (Rovigo) - EXP (Verona) - Sette Soli (Bassano del Grappa) - Teatro Magro (Mantova) - Festival Opera Prima (Rovigo) - Trend Eventi (Arzignano). In 2021 Livello 4 (Valdagno) will be added.




In these times of fear and confusion, we cannot fail to try to put the tools we have at the service of the community. It is obvious that, if this time puts us all in difficulty, adolescents are even more affected, given the delicacy of their moment of growth and the little attention paid to them by the institutions.

about:blank is an artistic/theatrical project for students/young people aged 14 to 20, consisting of 7 encounters on Zoom, designed to mend some invisible rips that have been generated by forced isolation, the prohibition of contact, the transformation of language, and also to reconnect, as is the nature of theatre, with the sense of the human, of relationships, of the other and of the self. Writing, images, videos, words, seen from an artistic point of view, allow us to share the beauty and to look inside ourselves for the colours to put into circulation to generate community, solidarity, empathy.


about:blank is a project conceived and realised in collaboration with Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza.




Contagio Creativo was born on 24 March 2020, during the first Italian lockdown, and is presented as a daily collective diary of the quarantine. The idea is to create a space of expression free from judgement or performative intentions: a blog where you can produce artistic ideas, connections, reflections, to keep alive the relationships with your theatre community and with artistic expression in general. They are small antidotes against loneliness, small gifts to keep a foot in the research of beauty and in the sharing that Livello 4 has created over the years with the students of the high schools and that it wants to continue to nourish.

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Livello 4 is a partner of the European project Off-Book. The aim of this initiative is to promote school inclusion and understanding between different cultures as a strategic goal to contribute to the prevention of early school leaving. The innovative element of the project is the introduction of the theatrical experience into education without any "judgmental" approach. In many European countries, the school system is based on 'judgment' and teachers assess students' performance on the basis of the knowledge they have acquired. As a result, schools reject rather than include and pupils with low educational achievements are at risk of dropping out.

The main target groups of the project are:

- Secondary school students and teachers;

- school headmasters and administrative staff;

- policy makers and experts in the field of education.



Erasmus + Programme, KA2 Strategic partnership in the field of School Education




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